For the love of uniform…

By K. Manjula

If you are a resident of Thiruvanmiyur neighbourhood, you might have come across Traffic Police Woman W. Fathima Mary, 29, posted in one of the signals. She is one among the first batch of 30 women police in Chennai city commissioned for Traffic in January 2018.

Fathima Mary is a ‘women police constable – Traffic’, from J6 Police Station, Thiruvanmiyur. Inspired by her aunt Rathna Paul Shanthi, a Sub-Inspector in Thenkasi Women’s Station, she joined the police department. “My father’s (P. Wellingdon) dream is to see me in Police uniform. My grandfather was in the army and my aunt is a police officer. My father was a mechanic and worked really hard for us. In fact, he is the one, who is taking care of my two daughters Adleena (7) and Ablikayl (2) while I am working. My husband Mohan drives a cab and he is also very supportive,” shares Fathima.

A History graduate, she took the exam for joining the police force. After clearing the same and a tedious physical examination, she was selected in her first attempt in 2010. “I love my job and each day is a new experience for me. I usually have two 4-hour shifts a day in morning and evening with a break in-between. But we have to be available for duty 24 hours a day, sometimes on Governor Route, sometimes as an escort and also during Marathons and events where huge crowd is expected. I love to wear a uniform all the time. It gives me great pride and confidence. In fact, being a Traffic police gives me plenty of opportunity to serve people directly. The first-time I stopped moving vehicles in the busy Thiruvanmiyur junction to send an ambulance in the opposite side against traffic is still fresh in my mind. This job gives me both courage and satisfaction” says Fathima contently.

Fathima encourages more women to join the police department. She believes that the job will make women stronger and confident. She is also thankful of her fellow Traffic police men and said that they are really helpful and encouraging.

She aspires to become a Sub-Inspector in the immediate future and wants her daughters to become IPS officers.