Condolence meeting for Pulwama victims

By K. Manjula

Members of Colours of Glory Foundation, Thennai Trust and ‘S’ Foundation jointly organised a candle-light vigil and a condolence meeting to pay tribute to the 44 martyrs of Pulwama massacre on Feb. 24 at Olcott Memorial School, Besant Nagar.

More than 100 persons both young and old including retired veterans from Indian Army attended the meet. The main speakers of the evening were Capt. D.P. Ramachandran, Colours of Glory, Vasumathi, founding member of ‘S’ foundation, Sarah, a student from SIET College, Faizoor Rahman, founder, Islamic forum for the promotion of moderate thought and Sumathi, Founder Trustee, S foundation.

“These army men did not lose their lives fighting a war, but they lost it in a suicide attack by terrorists. Indian Army is very strong and I had fought along with them during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Our army should retaliate strongly against this attack,” said Capt. D.P. Ramachandran. “I consider myself first as an Indian and then a Muslim, but I want to speak as a Muslim because the terror organisation that assumed responsibility for this attack is Jaish-e-Mohammed, which is the name of Prophet Mohammed and it means Prophet’s army. I think there cannot be a bigger traitor to Islam, to kill someone in the name of the Prophet. This attack is atrocious and I condemn it,” said Faizoor Rahman. “If this attack had happened in any other country other than India, there would be many hate crime attacks on Muslims,” pointed out Sarah who spoke about the attack from the point of view of youngsters. “This attack is one such attack to destabilize our secular India, but we should all stand as Indians and support our Government, despite our differences,” concluded speaker Sumathi, who also promised that S. Foundation will help the families of the brave martyrs of the attack from Tamil Nadu, G. Subramanian and Sivachandran.

Participants of the evening lit candles and paid tribute to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack. It was a heart warming moment when the compere shared with the guests that how Muthu, the person who arranged the mics and sound system at the venue refused to take any money when he heard about the purpose of the meeting. Colours of Glory can be reached at

Drug awareness campaign

‘Art of Living’ launched a nationwide campaign ‘Drug Free India’ on Feb.18 at Chandigarh University. As part of this movement, they conducted a session at Central Polytechnic College, Taramani, on Feb. 20. Around 2547 students participated in the programme along with 50 staff members and their Principal Rama (M.E.).

Students took a pledge to work towards creating a Drug-Free India and a Drug-Free campus. Many students expressed interest in joining hands with Art of Living to spread the word in their local communities as well. Muthu Kumar, a teacher from Art of living said that happiness lies within oneself and to be happy they need not take drugs or alcohol. He also conducted a breathing session for the students.

The two-day launch of the campaign witnessed the participation of over 60,000 college students on the ground and 1 crore students joined in through live webcast, apart from the presence of eminent personalities from the field of entertainment, politics and academics. For more visit

Empowering the under-privileged

A group of volunteers eager to educate and empower under-privileged school students have started giving coaching to class 8 students from Chennai High School, Kottur recently.

“I have been taking spoken English classes to some children from the school at my home; when more students wanted to join, I could not accommodate them in my home. So I, along with my like-minded friends, approached the head mistress of the school K. Maheshwari Kalpana, who immediately opened the school door for us,” shares Visalakshi Palaniappan. The volunteers providing support in the subjects English and Mathematics are Shakuntala, Ravi and his wife Priya and Visalakshi.

They provide coaching to limited number of students per tutor and train them in 2 batches – 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm after school hours. They have also arranged for an afternoon snack for the students from an Amma unavagam nearby.

“When the volunteers approached me for space, I immediately made arrangements for the same. This programme is very helpful to the students who like it very much. I strongly believe that community support from neighbouring residents can do wonders and want other corporation schools to follow the same model and help their children. My goal is to make Chennai High School, Kottur a pioneer in this initiative,” shares Maheshwari Kalpana. In order to provide the service to other interested students from the school, they need more volunteers.

For volunteering contact Visalakshi at 98409 29860.

Annual Day

The Besant Theosophical Higher Secondary School, Kalakshetra Foundation, celebrated its Annual Day on Feb.22.
Dr. Anitha, Deputy Director, School Education Department was the chief guest of the event. Revathi Ramachandran, Director, Srinivasa Raghavan, Deputy Director of Kalakshetra and S. Venkatesan, Correspondent of the school presided over the function. Playback singer and actor Manikka Vinayagam was the guest of honour. The guests gave away the prizes to achieving students. Charumathi, Principal of the school, extended a warm welcome to one and all present; she read the Annual Report of the School.

Modern Thandora on Plastic ban awareness in Thiruvanmiyur

Citizen Report – Sreela Kousik,

We at RMSM (Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar, Marundeeswarar Nagar, Sivakamipuram, Malaviya Avenue) People’s Security and Welfare Association organised an evening dedicated to plastic ban awareness, on Feb.24.

We were supported in this initiative by a unique group, Thuvakkam, which presented a ‘Modern Thandora’ on this subject. Thuvakkam comprises young, dedicated civic conscious citizens from varied backgrounds. They are passionate about bringing in change in society and are happy to spend their precious weekends contributing to this cause.

The event was organised in a theatre format, and was a wake-up call to the dangers of plastic usage. The group performed in the enclosed space at Sivakamipuram Anganwadi and also on the open Main Street of Marundeeswarar Nagar. The objective was to get a large audience.

Their presentation was simple, basic and interactive. Their mime focused mainly on misuse of plastics and they offered simple solutions. The response of the Anganwadi children was positive. They responded enthusiastically to the questions asked. They seemed to have understood this concept clearly and had a great time.

The play staged on the Marundeeswarar Nagar main street drew a huge crowd. This was a highly interactive and vibrant session which elicited a very heartening response. The entire experience was an eye opener for many of us and we are planning to have a session on waste segregation.

A new experience for all!