Peach of a beach

Citizen report by
Pattabi, Thiruvanmiyur

Nature has been magnanimous in gifting us with abundant resources. One such resource is beach. We, the residents of Thiruvanmiyur, Adyar and Besant Nagar live close to one of the most beautiful coast lines which attract visitors from far off places.

I am fond of the beach and admire its beauty, be it a sunrise or sunset. Beach helps me relax and enjoy fresh air. The clear blue sky helps me get out of the blues. Ocean is a very complex yet fragile ecosystem which has some exotic animal species that are found nowhere else. Oceans are also very critical to our livelihood as they offer us food, cheap mode of transport.

It is very important for us to take care of the beach so that our future generations will be benefited. I have been witnessing a surge in the number people coming to the Thiruvanmiyur beach in the recent past and especially during weekends. Beach looks really pathetic on Monday mornings filled with plastic bags, foam cups, potato sticks, ice cream wrappers and what not. Numerous dust bins placed here does not seem to solve this problem as people appear to be unmindful.

The United Nations environment program (UNEP) identifies littering of the beach by visitors and using beach for recreational activities as a major source for land based ocean litter.

Ocean litter can have serious implication on the marine ecosystem and even damage ships by clogging their propeller. Most of the waste thrown on beach is plastic which would take hundreds of years to degrade. In our own interest, we should desist from making beach as a dump yard. Let us dispose waste at the designated places. Carry cloth bags for shopping and avoid using plastic carry bags. Remember, we have inherited this clean beach from our ancestors and have the same responsibility towards our future generations. Let us make this place better and free of litter.