28 June


Wear a helmet or lose your license


Tamil Nadu government has announced that wearing of helmets will become mandatory from July 1. Violators will be impounded.

The vehicle will be released only after producing an ISI certified helmet. This applies to both the driver and the pillion rider. This time around, the Government has decided to tighten the leash on offenders.

A Government release says, “This is to inform the public that wearing of helmet by two-wheeler driver and rider is compulsory from 01.07.2015, failing which, all the documents of the two-wheeler including the driving licence of the driver shall be impounded under section 206 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.”

Considering the number of deaths of pillion riders in accidents, this is a welcome legislation. Precious lives are lost because people do not protect their head with a proper headgear. Traffic enforcement RI of Adyar, D.Mayilsamy says that the traffic police have already started awareness campaign on the roads sensitising riders on the importance of wearing a helmet. “The general complaint is that it is difficult to get quality helmets for all in the family on such short notice. But they have to realise that their lives are more dear and worth the expense.”