14 June


Metro Water officials do swift work

Indira Nagar 10th lane became a hub of activity on June 10 when Metro water officials came to test the drinking water in the pipe line. That was in response to complaints floated over WhatsApp.

Residents of the lane complain that they have been using muddy water for long. A.Sankareswari, a resident says, “The water is not potable. The 100 families around here buy canned water for drinking purposes. We suspect that the water is polluted by a sewage leak.”

Deputy Engineer N.Ahmed and Assistant Engineer S.Dayalan confirmed that there was no pollution and the issue was cleared by Metrowater.

“The water was a shocking orange colour, but we found that it was only sediments and rust from pipes which had rushed to this end since there is a slope in the pipe line. On flushing, the water had cleared. Since the cause has been identified we will keep watching frequently and remove sediments as and when it accumulates,” says Ahmed. “There are houses here which have diverted sullage water (water from bathrooms etc.) into storm water drains. This is a highly irresponsible act. They have to get proper sewage connections for their homes. We have taken up inspection and will plug those lines. We are here to attend to any emergency or complaint,” he adds. Metrowater office is at 24, 5th Street, Bakthavachalam Nagar.

It serves Gandhi Nagar, Kasturba Nagar, Indira Nagar, L. B. Road and Sardar Patel Road.

Call 24452296 for any complaints.