07 June


Bus Route Roads at Adyar being given a make over

Bus Route Roads at Sardar Patel Road and LB Road at Adyar are being given a new profile. Work started in the last week of April and will hopefully be completed by June. The facilities run for 8.2 kms at Sardar Patel Road and 4 kms at LB Road. Milling, a technical term for scraping off the surface layer of roads and making the necessary adjustments to give it a proper slope, is being done at spots identified by engineers.

This is called profile correction; this will be followed by strengthening of the road with bituminous concrete, says a senior engineer at the Bus Route Roads Department.

“The thickness of the roads will be tested by the zonal engineers before milling work is undertaken. The height of the existing road will be maintained. Care is taken to ensure that the height variations are kept to a minimum of 10 to 20 m.m. Notifications have also been sent to the area engineers responsible for metro water, EB, storm water drains etc. to complete any pending maintenance work before the road laying starts,” the official adds.

Work is done from 11p.m to 5 a.m. so that commuters and motorists are not disturbed.