Quit Tobacco programme at TTK hospital

TTK Hospital in Indira Nagar established by Shanthi Ranganathan is a medical centre for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. The centre has over 3 decades of expertise in treating patients in dependence to alcohol and other drugs. The centre has started a ‘Quit Tobacco’ programme recently on June 1, 2017.

It is an outpatient programme, which includes 5 counselling sessions for people who want to quit smoking and other forms of tobacco products. The session also offers psychiatric counselling and medical help. Adline Andrews, a counsellor at TTK with over 14 years of expertise is the person in-charge of the Quit Tobacco programme. “Tobacco users generally become addicted to the Nicotine in tobacco. Apart from Nicotine, which is a central nervous system stimulator, there are around 4000 other harmful chemicals including 43 carcinogens in tobacco. In the session we talk about the harmful effects of tobacco and the benefits of quitting smoking and tobacco products,” says Adline.

The pharmacy at TTK hospital offers nicotine chewing gums and patches for smokers to get rid of tobacco initially in order to ward off the side effects of quitting smoking. Adeline suggests that with the help counselling aided with medical treatment for around 4 months, a person can completely get rid of tobacco. The sessions are conducted from Monday to Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the complete Quit Tobacco programme is nominally charged at Rs.3000. “A person can attend 5 counselling sessions at their convenient timings. We also offer follow up checkups and counselling free of cost for people enrolled in our programme,” concludes Adline.

For registration contact 99406 56103 or Email to The TTK hospital is at 4th Main Road, Indira Nagar.