Kesava Kirupa -Rubik’s cube solver

By K. Rajshree

Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran is a Rubik’s cube player from Thiruvanmiyur. This 17 year old lad was the Indian team captain for the nation’s cup at the World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2017 held at Paris. In January 2016, Kesav, along with a team of 8 others, achieved a Guinness world record for solving maximum number of cubes within an hour at an event held in IIT-Madras. The team solved 2,454 cubes with Kesav solving 293 cubes. So far, he has participated in 23 international cubing competitions held in various parts of India and abroad. He solves a general 3×3 cube.

“I became interested in Rubik’s cube because of my friend. After learning the basics from him, I solved the Rubik’s puzzle in one minute and eleven seconds. Later I learnt tricks from video tutorials. My skills improved after taking part in a number of cube competitions,” says Kesav.

He further says, “Once you know how to solve a Rubik’s cube, you have to keep practicing different types of techniques that can be applied to solve the cube within minimum time. It involves different algorithms and logics. It takes lots of trial and errors to find the right combination.

Rubik’s cube is gaining momentum among Indians. There are about 8000 Rubik’s players in India and more than 200 players are connected to the world cube association. It governs competitions for all puzzles labelled as Rubik puzzles. All competitors automatically become members of the WCA in their first WCA competition. The official website of the association displays the cubers’ details and the details of the Rubik’s competition happening in your region.

Kesav took part in the 2017 Rubik’s Cube World Championships held at Paris recently. Over 1100 cubers from around the world participated in the tournament.

“At the championship, the top 80 players entered the semifinals. I missed my chance to enter semifinals as I finished at the 81st place. Though I couldn’t win the game, I was able to witness great talents in an international arena. One of the best things about Rubik’s cube tournament is that you can find a 12 year old player competing against a 50 year old. The players are not categorised by their age. I will keep solving Rubik’s cube no matter whichever profession I end up in. By solving Rubik’s cube I was able to gain determination and patience. It helped me to push my boundaries in a positive way,” adds Kesav.

Kesav is now pursuing his 12th grade in a residential school. He is gearing up for the Asian tournament which will be held in the end of August. He is also giving classes on how to solve Rubik’s cube. Kesav can be contacted at 9790974319.