K. Anuradha – Helping youngsters to reach their potential

By K. Manjula

K. Anuradha is the founder and chief trainer of Wisdom of Words (WOW). Her graceful demeanor was loaded with powerful messages as she channeled her talk with Adyar Timeson psychological counselling and training for children and young teenagers.

“I established WOW in 2013, to help children discover their strengths, enhance their confidence levels, and their personality as a whole. In the process I discovered that many children hesitate to perform, due to lack of communication skills. Hence, language development became an integral part of the training at WOW. If I can reach out to the extended society such as the family, friends and even teachers of the children training at WOW, I will consider it as an achievement,” says Anuradha.

Apart from being a Montessori trained teacher, Anuradha has a Masters in Child care and Education and also a PG Diploma in Psychological Counselling. She feels that most problems in either adamant children, quirky teenagers or withdrawn, quiet children stem from present day life style. Working parents tend to load their children with gifts and other perks in order to alleviate themselves from the guilt of not spending enough time with their children; on the other hand, women who have sacrificed their careers to be with their children, feel terrible when their kids do not score well in their exams or when they are disrespectful to them, both these attitudes must change and the problems with children should be addressed from their point of view, says Anuradha.

She shared two wonderful incidents with Adyar Times; one was, where she helped an introvert girl overcome her shyness, and flourish later into an outgoing personality and even became the host of Vancouver Model United Nations (VMUN), an annual student-run conference held at Vancouver, Canada. Another was that of a boy who grew up to become a musician, much against his father’s wishes, who wanted him to become an engineer.

A phenomenal initiative of WOW is the programme ‘Kids Care 4 Kids,’ where children training at WOW do community service along with the kids at Seva Samajam, a home for destitute children in Taramani. “I strongly believe in serving without expectation. Through this arrangement I am able to inculcate that value in the future generation. Every year, since 2013, the students from WOW and Seva Samajam would form into groups and organise the events and put up a cultural show all by themselves. Such activities have helped to develop strong leadership skills and a sense of commitment in them. In 2016, WOW collected around Rs.8 lakhs and we constructed a library and an enrichment centre at the Seva Samajam,” shares Anuradha eagerly.

Other than training at WOW, she does parenting workshops, empowerment seminars for women employees, corporate training, workshops for teachers, time management and stress management seminars and also counselling, based on appointments. When asked about her other interests, she says that she loves to compere and has anchored some cultural shows and annual day programmes.

Anuradha has inspired and continues to inspire students, teachers, parents and many more in realising their potential and being the best at what they do. Her testimonials, time and again, prove the same. She conducts personality development classes for children from 7 to 14 years, in a play school at Adyar.

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