V-Excel launches product ‘Thozhi’

Reported by K. Manjula

V-Excel Educational Centre has launched ‘Thozhi’, a low-cost sanitary napkin brand at the Olcott Memorial School in Besant Nagar recently.

The napkins are manufactured and packed at the V-Excel center in Sastri Nagar. Grundfos Pumps, India has funded this project through their CSR initiatives.

This branch of V-Excel also provides vocational training to adults (above 18 years of age) with special needs.
These individuals gain avenues for productive engagement and earning through systematic training in specific areas. Manufacturing of sanitary napkins is one such vocation they have established as a standard product line. On an average the centre makes around 100 napkins a day with a monthly target of 2500.

The project covers the production of sanitary pads from raw materials to finished products and packaging it in sterilized and sealed packets ready for distribution.

The Catalyst Trust, a Vettuvankeni based NGO distributes the napkins around the city. V-Excel also provides napkins to girl students of Olcott Memorial School and M.P. Anandh School.

The quality of the product is certified by the Madras Industrial Co-operative Analytical Laboratory Ltd (MICAL), Guindy.

The unit has a cutting and sealing machine, sponsored by Grundfos. The students cut the materials for the various layers of the sanitary napkins under the able-guidance of their teachers, who set daily targets and motivate them to finish their task.

“At present, we haven’t started producing the napkins as a commercial product. We are waiting for feedback from the schools we have distributed it to. Our next target is women in the housing board communities. Our ultimate goal is to make cost effective good quality Thozi Napkins which are commercially viable ” says Usha Rajagopal, HOD of the Vocational Dept. in V-Excel.

At 50, Sreyes, M.G. Road, Sastri Nagar. Ph: 24522061, 9790897410.

Water supply in Zone XIII to improve

According to a press release by the CMWSSB, the ground water level in Zone 13 has dropped by 1.5 metres from March 2016 to March 2017.

As a result, the residents have to depend on Metrowater for their water needs. At this juncture, the Metrowater supply in the neighbourhood has practically stopped for over a month forcing residents to order more water tankers than needed.

Another common complaint among the residents is the irregularities in the quantity of water supplied by the CMWSSB. While most of the sumps in the residences have a capacity of 6000 litres or less, the CMWSSB supplies 9000 litres of water, which people find it difficult to accommodate.

Hence, many people are sending back the surplus water. There is no clarity as to who gets the remaining water in the tanker. When questioned about this to the Area Engineer of Zone 13, P. Dayanithi, He says “people can share the surplus water with their neighbours provided they give a sharing address before the arrival of water, when they receive a call from the Metrowater before delivery. If the problem still persists, people can complain about it to their respective AEs.”

Further, Dayanithi said that due to some maintenance work in the Desalination Plant in Nemili, the Metrowater supply, which is done on every alternate day to the households,has been reduced.

He assured that regular supply will be resumed from the following week.

The CMWSSB AEs of the respective wards can be reached at 175 – 81449 30175, 176 – 81449 30176, 180 – 81449 30180, 181 – 81449 30181 and 182 – 81449 30182.