Bad state of Rajaji Nagar Main Road

Rajaji Nagar Main Road in Thiruvanmiyur is a victim of repeated drain leaks and related civil works. A shoddy concrete patchwork was done to cover up one such work at the junction of Rajaji Nagar Main Road and 1st Street over a year back. Now it looks like the patchwork may give in any time posing threat to commuters.

A drainage leak was fixed by the CMWSSB at a manhole in Rajaji Nagar Main Road in early 2017. After repeated complaints from its residents, the concerned authority, instead of finding a lasting solution had leveled the uneven patch of road with concrete. “The patch had already broken once and gave way to a huge cavity beneath; the officials from CMWSSB dumped rubbles and filled up the cavity. Now, the cement patch work is broken at several places and residents are at constant fear as to when the entire area might give way to a major crater,” says a resident. Also storm water drains from 1st Street converge at the storm water drain in the Main Road at the said juncture, making this area very difficult to maneuver vehicles, especially cars and other big vehicles.

Such patchworks are prevalent in many roads across the city and the authorities are doing a quick fix to cover up their flaws. Residents of Rajaji Nagar demand a lasting solution to this problem.

Water logging on ECR

This photo represents water- logging on the stretch of ECR from Thiruvanmiyur to RTO Signal, on Oct. 31, when it rained for a few hours. Water stagnation is very common at various points along ECR and traffic bottle-necks are prevalent during rains. The Corporation should address this issue immediately for the benefit of all stakeholders.