Corporation playground in Thiruvengadam Street needs improvement

Have you ever seen a cow give birth? Well you might try your luck at the Corporation playground in Thiruvengadam Street, Adyar just behind the Zone 13 Corporation office.

This spacious open area is being used partly as a cow shed and a place for grazing by a local milkman. The walking area around the park is filthy and needs cleaning. At one corner of the ground, there is a piece of land with overgrown plants and junk. The place can be cleared of its weeds and could be put to proper use.

On the brighter side there is a gym with equipments and a toilet at the ground, which is open from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. for public and the keys for the gym are with the locals who frequent the gym.

“Many children will get benefitted by the play area in the ground if the place is sanitised and maintained well. Residents should also take collective responsibility to maintain the park,” suggests a vendor near the park.

Researches show that when people have access to parks, they exercise more. Beyond the benefits of physical activity, an open space, playground or a park can turn into a socialisation hub for people of all age groups and can promote both mental and physical health.

The residents demand that cows should not be allowed inside the playground and the ground should be put to proper use by the Corporation.

Residents can send their suggestions for parks in their locality to