Boxing club for amateurs at Kandanchavadi

By K. Rajshree

Amateur Boxing has come a long way in India, thanks to famous boxing champions- Mohammad Ali Qaman, Vijendra Kumar and Mary Kom. Though Indian boxing has not grown in leaps and bounds, it has sparked some interest among the younger generation. There are many local clubs in the city that teach boxing. Kanchi Kings Boxing Club is a prominent boxing club situated at Kandanchavadi, OMR.

Founded in the year 2012, the club is headed by B.Mohan, a certified boxing coach and a member of Tamilnadu Boxing Association.

The club has produced many state and national level boxers. The students are trained at their coach’s residence, which has a training studio. The studio has training equipment such as punching bag, focus mitts and practice mirrors.

The humble studio, at present trains around 40 students starting from 8 years. Mohan is also a national level referee. He is the present boxing coach at Hindustan University.

“At our club, we are solely focusing on amateur boxing. Our students have competed in various tournaments and competitions held among the clubs and associations. Our training module focuses on improving stamina, endurance and flexibility of the trainee. They will perform all the shadow boxing techniques before entering into main practice. It is done with weights and without weights. Apart from that, we have kit bag practice, punching pad workout, weight training and more,” says Mohan.

Students from the club have been selected in the trials conducted by the MEG (Madras Engineering Group), SAI (Sports Authority of India) and SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu). The students are trained every day. In the mornings, they train at Palavakkam beach and during evening hours they are trained at the studio.

“Apart from training for competitive levels, our club is now enrolling members who want to learn boxing for fitness and defense. Most of the students at our club are from lower economic group, so we charge a nominal amount. We are looking for sponsors to conduct workshops and camps for our students. Amateur boxing is still struggling to find its foothold among the city residents and we are conducting various tournaments by collaborating with sports companies and institutions to reach a wider audience,” adds Mohan.

Recently they organised a district level boxing tournament at the Decathlon, Perungudi on Sept. 9 and 10. The club had won the overall championship at the tournament. Kanchi Kings Boxing Club is at 5/41, Thiru Vi Ka Street, Karunanidhi Cholan Nagar, Kandanchavadi, OMR. For details, call 97910 22284 and 72000 31077.

Black box theatre at Adyar

By K. Rajshree

Alchemy Kids Theatre, an institute that provides training in theatre production has launched a ‘Black Box Studio’ at Adyar on Sept.16.

The studio was launched as a part of the Alchemy Institute of Performing Arts programme. The 1300 sq.ft. studio has 5.1 surround sound systems and theatre lighting set-up.

Students from Alchemy Theatre group performing at the inaugural function of the Black Box Studio on Sept.16.

A black box studio or theatre is a simple performance space,with black walls and a flat floor. The absence of colour gives the flexibility to capture the attention of the audience and to get them experience the shift of ambience and feeling in each scene. It also allows individual lighting cues to be much stronger.

“The black box is considered as a place where ‘pure theatre’, with least technical elements, can be explored. Most of the renowned performing arts schools abroad have a black box theatre at their academies. The studio was developed with the main aim to provide a performance space for talented artists. The light and sound set-up in the studio will elevate their performance. Apart from that, we wanted to develop a school that caters to all the needs of a theatre production. The students under the theatre course will get to experiment their works at the studio. It will help them understand the complete process of a theatre production. Working with light and sound board will broaden their creativity and will pave way for various ideas on how each scene of a play can be explored,” says Vijay, Founder of the Alchemy.

The studio has flexible screen partitions that can be adjusted according to the crowd. It also has changing rooms and a washroom. As a part of the Alchemy Institute of Performing Arts programme, the institute is collaborating with Raack Dance Academy and Musee Musical and are coming up with special dance and music modules which could be integrated with theatre performances. Classes will commence from this Vijayadasami.

The school is also coming out with theatre programme for youth, and adults, diploma in theatre acting and modelling and diploma in theatre teaching. All these programmes are certified by Trinity College, London.

At Teacher’s Colony, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar. For details, call 98413 27673.