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Pizza un-junked

Stop craving and start enjoying gluten-free pizzas at ‘at5 Pizza’, a venture that delivers home-made pizzas that are prepared without yeast and gluten. Ramitha, a resident of Adyar is the brain behind the brand.

“People are very particular about calories intake and are trying to find healthier alternatives to their staple food. Likewise, we wanted to find healthier versions of the comfort foods which we love to eat. The pizzas available in most of the restaurants and food chains use either maida or wheat that contains gluten. We decided to search for substitutes for maida to make pizza. Almost after a year, we came up with a pizza recipe made from almond flour. Almonds are considered a super food which is a rich source of protein, fiber and is packed with anti-oxidants and important micro-nutrients. When we presented the dish to our family and friends, we received great feedback which prompted us to launch ‘at5 pizza’,” says Ramitha.

She experimented with the ingredients till they zeroed in on the right recipe that will cater to a wide range of customers. She spoke to various nutrition experts and food researchers to get their inputs and feedback. Throughout the process, she was supported by her husband Adithya. “We use the almond flour which is imported from abroad. The pizzas made are very low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It has a very low glycemic index; it reduces heart disease risks and does not spike blood glucose levels making it diabetic friendly. We are already getting a lot of great positive reviews and repeat orders which are a validation of the taste. We will continue to do what we intended to do – to serve tasty and healthy pizzas,” adds Ramitha.

Their menu features 6-inch thin crust pizzas in both veg and non-veg varieties. The menu also has a ‘build your own pizza’ option where the customers can choose their choice of toppings. They take orders from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day and the orders will be delivered within one hour. To place orders, call 98404 16152 and visit