Food Court

Get a taste of Madurai

By K. Rajshree

Get to taste authentic Madurai cuisine at Madurai Junction, a food spot at Neelankarai which prides itself as a complete ‘Non-Veg Mess’. Situated at the 1st floor above Hot Chips restaurant, this new eat-out is owned by actress Kanika. The restaurant offers a plethora of traditional South Indian non vegetarian delicacies including kozhi, mutton, fish and prawns representing the flavours of rural Madurai.

“Hailing from Madurai, I miss my home food. My friends from Madurai would often complain that there are only few outlets that sell authentic Madurai Food. With encouragement from my friends, I wanted to start a food venture that serves Madurai cuisine. After discussions with my restaurant consultant John, who shares the same passion for Madurai food, there was nothing stopping me from realising my dream. That’s how Madurai junction came into the existence,” says Kanika.

“Many think that Madurai food comes with abundance of spices; the original recipes involves only basic ingredients that are available in our kitchen. Rather than coming up with a restaurant serving extravagant dishes, we wanted to open a complete non-veg mess that serves authentic food available at every house at Madurai. We have priced the menu keeping in mind that the customers should not be burdened by the prices and should be encouraged to try all the items in our menu. We are serving chicken/mutton and nattukozhi biriyani for Rs.90 and 100 respectively. The portion size will be small so that the customers can try other dishes too,” says John.

For lunch, the menu has different meals combos where the unlimited non-veg meals can be paired with side-dishes like mutton suvarotti, mutton brain fry, mutton nenju curry, boti fry and more. Madurai Nattu Kozhi meals, prawn meals, crab meals are also available.

The food is served in a wide banana leaf. The mutton biriyani stood out with its simple yet distinct flavours tempting me to go for another serving but I opted to try their meals. Apart from regular sambar, rasam, kottu and veg kolambu, the non-veg meals also had chicken, mutton, fish and crab kolambu. True to their saying, their gravies are similar to the ones that are made at home. Even the chukkas and fry including the chicken, mutton and prawn do not carry a heavy dose of garam masala like the ones that are available in other food outlets. You get to complete your meal with a shot of nannari sherbet. For sea food lovers, there is vanjaram fry, nethili fry, pomfret fry, nandu masala and more. The menu also has a destination section with original Madurai kari dosai, neer soru with sukka, muttai vadiyal, muttai kari vadiyal, poricha porotta mutton kari and more. For people who like to eat liver, boti and brain fry, this place would be an ideal spot. For dinner, the place also serves a variety of tiffin items.

With few weeks into the operation, we have been receiving good reviews and feedback from our customers. This gives us the necessary encouragement to introduce more authentic dishes into our menu, says John.

The place is open from 12.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. For details, call 48594109.